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Despite of how difficult or dangerous or meager it may be to be driving these days, still driving Weybridge taxi provides a good opportunity and chance to earn a living. Especially for the working-class immigrants i.e. those who don’t have many employment opportunities and maybe having problems with their language, driving could be one of the great skills they may possess in order to live a handsome earning. The taxi industry noticed a great drop in passengers with the official arrive of Uber in 2015, Fleets were not only losing their customers but also started struggling to find enough drivers for their companies and businesses as they come to know Uber was paying good which it was, until 4 years ago but not anymore.

The drivers who have experienced would know about the price cuts and the commission that the company takes from each fare. Moreover, if a customer lodged a complaint against a driver his account would be suspended and wouldn’t even be given the opportunity and chance to defend himself against the customers claims and complaint hence , it is more customer rights than workers rights.

Similarly, where on one hand the customers might find it more convenient to book an uber probably because its cheaper and easier to access, the fact remains that the customer might suffer from disruptions is his plans (e.g. miss his flight) if the driver cancels the trip (Which he has the option to do in uber) Therefore, to save both the customers and the drivers from the above mentioned problems, Weybridge Cars are here offering an exceptional service to all clients aswell as hiring new drivers to enhance employment opportunities for people around and give them the chance to make the kind of money they have probably been wanting to make till now.